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Press releases

  • Sep

    Governor Brown signs Assembly Bill 8 which renews many programs that support alternative fuels and vehicles, and reduce vehicle emissions

    Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Assembly Bill 8 by Assembly Member Henry Perea (D-Fresno) which extends until January 1, 2024 existing fees on motor vehicles, boat registrations, and new tires. The fees will fund programs to accelerate the turnover of older vehicles and equipment and invest in the development and deployment of advanced technologies that are necessary to achieve the California’s air quality, climate, and energy goals.  

  • Apr

    Sacramento, Calif. — The California Fuel Cell Partnership announced that the Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies (CEERT) and Energy Independence Now (EIN) have joined CaFCP as associate members. These are the first two NGOs to be invited to join CaFCP.

  • Jan

    Sacramento, Calif. — The California Fuel Cell Partnership announced that Justin Ward, Advanced Powertrain Program Manager with Toyota’s Advanced Powertrain (APT),  has been appointed 2012 Steering Team Chair.

    The CaFCP Steering Team chair position changes every year, rotating through the four categories of partners: auto manufacturers, energy providers, fuel cell technology companies and government agencies. The vice chair becomes the chair the following year.

  • Aug

    Sacramento, Calif. — The California Fuel Cell Partnership announced that Air Liquide and Ballard Power Systems have joined CaFCP as associate members.

    Air Liquide is present across the entire hydrogen energy chain (production, distribution, high-pressure storage, fuel cells and hydrogen filling stations). Over the last four years, Air Liquide has designed, built and commissioned a growing number of hydrogen filling stations. Around 50 Air Liquide stations have been installed throughout the world to date. In 2010, Air Liquide provided more than 40,000 hydrogen fills. Most recently, Air Liquide providing the fueling for all the hydrogen powered vehicles that participated in Michelin Challenge Bibendum.

  • May

    Sacramento, Calif. — On a tour of transportation projects in California’s 1st Congressional District, Sec. LaHood and Rep. Thompson stopped first at the California Fuel Cell Partnership. The gentlemen toured the CaFCP facility, saw the old hydrogen station and learned about new stations, and took a ride on AC Transit’s fuel cell bus.

    The Department of Transportation, a CaFCP member, has long been interested in zero-emission vehicles. The AC Transit HyRoad program is partially funded by a grant from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). CaFCP’s automaker members held a briefing and “show and tell” with the fuel cell passenger vehicles at DOT headquarters in February. That visit with Sec. LaHood piqued his interest in fuel cell technology.

press releases