SOSS Name: Burbank
Opening Hours: 24/7
Commission Date: 2010-01-01
Station Permissions: Display on website, Display on mobile
Involved Organizations: City of Burbank
Station Type: Steam Methane Reformation

This hydrogen station is one of the former stations of South Coast Air Quality Management District’s ‘Five Cities Project’ and provides hydrogen for both OEM fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen powered internal combustion engine vehicles.

Number 35 Pumps: 1
Number 70 Pumps: 1
Payment Type: N/A
Site Phone: (951) 741-3631
Near Area: Santa Monica
Contact Name: Ari Omessi
Contact Organization: City of Burbank
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (818) 238-3838
Internal Notes: (951) 741-3631 (original Site Phone) Alternate address: 124 S Lake Street
Public Funds: $$?
Total Cost: $$?
Supply Capacity: 140
Fuel Pressure: 35/70 MPa
Dispenser: Air Products Series 200
Nozzle: SAE J2600 Compliant
PPE Required: No
OP Access: PIN code
Station Use: Medium
Additional Information: Located at City's Public Works yard, enter station from 145 Verdugo Ave.
Gate: No
PIN Required: Yes
Attended Fueling: No
Sensitivity: Public
Toyota Fuel Card Accepted: N
Development Status: Open - Non-Retail
Station Client: Hyundai (JNR), Stratos Fuel
Station Area: Southern California
Station Status: Open
145 W Verdugo Avenue
Burbank , CA 91510
United States
34° 10' 27.9876" N, 118° 18' 37.8432" W
California US
sid: 0
Retail Station: No
Soft Opening:
Station Developer: H2 Frontier
Renewable Content: 33%
H2 Source: NG SMR