SOSS Name: Mountain View
Commission Date: Early 2018
Station Permissions: Display on website
Involved Organizations: Linde LLC
Station Type: Delivered H2

Approval to build received

Site Phone: (650) 968-2776
Priority Area: Cluster: San Francisco South Bay
Contact Organization: Linde
Public Funds: $1,500,000
Total Cost: $2,532,424
Supply Capacity: 350 kg/day
Sensitivity: Public
Development Status: Approval to Build
Station Client: Toyota (Test)
Station Area: Northern California
Station Status: In Development
830 Leong Dr
Mountain View , CA 94043
United States
37° 24' 18.4716" N, 122° 4' 1.4196" W
California US
Retail Station: Yes
sid: 0
Station Category: In Planning
Soft Opening:
Station Developer: Linde
Renewable Content: 33%
H2 Source: Liquid H2 Delivery