SOSS Name: Newport Beach
Opening Hours: 24/7
Commission Date: 2012-06-30
Station Permissions: Display on website, Display on mobile
Involved Organizations: Shell Hydrogen, ARB, Powertech
Station Type: Steam Methane Reformation

Station planned to be upgraded to retail in 2017.

Number 35 Pumps: 2
Number 70 Pumps: 2
Payment Type: N/A
Site Phone: (805) 203-8990
Priority Area: Cluster: Coastal / Southern Orange County
Public Funds: $1.7 million
Total Cost: $4.03 million
Supply Capacity: 100 kg/day
Fuel Pressure: 35/70 MPa
Gate: No
PIN Required: No
Attended Fueling: No
Sensitivity: Public
Toyota Fuel Card Accepted: N
Development Status: Open - Non-Retail
Station Area: Southern California
Station Status: Open
1600 Jamboree Blvd
Newport Beach , CA 92660
United States
33° 37' 31.17" N, 117° 52' 43.6764" W
California US
sid: 0
Retail Station: No
Soft Opening:
Station Developer: Shell
Renewable Content: 33%
H2 Source: Liquid H2 Delivery