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Draw My Life of a Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle
See the life of a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle told through this Draw My Life video.
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Legislation signed by Governor Brown in 2013 reinforced California’s commitment to fuel cell electric vehicles and other...
Clean Fuel for Clean Air
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State of the Air
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New FCEBs under Construction
El Dorado National is building four “all American” fuel cell buses. Two will be placed into service at SunLine Transit and...



See the life of a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle told...


Legislation signed by Governor Brown in 2013 reinforced...


After 15 years as the California Fuel Cell Partnership’s...

Why FCEVs?

Fuel cell electric vehicles will provide customers with a no-compromise electric-drive vehicle with longer range, quick refill, high performance and comfort along with zero emissions and a low-carbon and potentially renewable fuel.

How does it work?

Fuel cells use locally produced hydrogen to create electrcity, which powers the vehicle. An important part of the alternative fuel vehicle portfolio, FCEVs will help reduce pollution and greenhouse gasA gas in Earth's atmosphere that traps heat and can contribute to global warming. Carbon dioxide and methane are two GHGs. emissions.

When can I buy one?

Several automakers plan to introduce FCEVs to the California commercial market beginning in 2015. Hydrogen stations are open, under construction and planned to support the coming vehicles.