2016 ZEV Action Plan from the State of California

2016 ZEV Action Plan

The 2016 ZEV Action Plan from the State of California is available at https://www.gov.ca.gov/docs/2016_ZEV_Action_Plan.pdf.

It outlines progress to date and identifies new actions state agencies will take in continued pursuit of the milestones in the Governor’s Executive Order to place 1.5 million ZEVs in California by 2025. It highlights priorities for ZEVs:

  • Raising consumer awareness and education about ZEVs;
  • Ensuring ZEVs are accessible to a broad range of Californians;
  • Making ZEV technologies commercially viable in targeted applications the medium-duty, heavy-duty and freight sectors; and
  • Aiding ZEV market growth beyond California.

The 2016 ZEV Action Plan has several actions specific to hydrogen and fuel cell electric vehicles:

  • Support implementation of CaFCP’s Fuel Cell Electric Bus Roadmap which outlines a pathway to deploy zero-emission fuel cell electric buses in preparation for commercialization.
  • Consider increasing the Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Program (HVIP) voucher amount per bus for zero emission heavy-duty buses to help cover the incremental cost for the vehicle’s weight class. As bus costs decrease due to battery and fuel cell economies of scale, consider reducing voucher amounts proportionally.
  • Support the CaFCP’s Medium- and Heavy-Duty Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Action Plan to evaluate technology development status, barriers to adoption and potential actions needed to advance ZEV technologies.
  • Collaborate with governments and public-private partnerships in other jurisdictions leading on hydrogen and fuel cell deployment, such as Japan’s Research Association of Hydrogen Supply/Utilization Technology and Germany’s National Organization Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology.