We have fuel cell buses, too, in California

Fuel Cell Electric Buses at AC Transit station

California has ambitious goals for growing the number of fuel cell vehicles, and most eyes are focused on the passenger car market right now. But we shouldn’t forget that fuel cell buses have a major and strategic role to play in cleaning our air and reducing greenhouse gases.

Webinar Q&A: Medium & Heavy-Duty Fuel Cell Electric Truck Action Plan for California - November 8, 2016

The members of the California Fuel Cell Partnership prepared the Medium-Duty and Heavy-Duty Fuel Cell Vehicle Action Plan for California to accelerate the development and commercialization of medium-and heavy-duty FCEVs in California. Federal air quality targets, AB 32 GHG reduction targets, and State’s transport electrification targets, combined with the goals of the California Sustainable Freight Action Plan, make California a favorable place to launch zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty transportation technologies.