Thursday, October 28, 2021 - Thursday, October 28, 2021

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28 AT 2:00PM EASTERN. The hydrogen economy is on fire. Each day brings announcements of new hydrogen projects, ranging from small to gargantuan. And more than $150 billion is in the investment pipeline, according to the Hydrogen Council.  But moving across the carbon spectrum from gray to green is no easy feat. Join this webinar to learn how to use process simulation to simulate each step in the hydrogen transition to Net Zero processes and ensure a profitable move to a sustainable future.

If you’re an energy or chemical company feeling the pull of market demand and the hard shove of impending regulation, this webinar is for you. In one hour, you’ll examine how current hydrogen production is carbon intensive while future demand must be low carbon or no carbon to meet Net Zero goals. During this webinar, you’ll cover the full hydrogen spectrum, and learn the differences between gray, green and everything in between. You’ll see how to use process simulation to design and optimize gray, blue and green hydrogen processes as your energy transition progresses. You’ll investigate such issues as steam methane reformers, electrolyzers, CCUS simulation and more. And you’ll leave with a new understanding of how a single simulation environment can help you design and optimize alternative process designs throughout your transition to Net Zero processes.

You’ll learn:

 Why all hydrogen is not created equal
 What is the Hydrogen Transition and how it is driving the industry
 How to simulate gray, green and blue hydrogen
 Storing and transporting hydrogen—a simulation 
 How process simulation can help you move from gray to green


Ryan Muir; Ryan Muir is a Models and Applications Engineer at AVEVA. He is responsible for the development and testing of computational equipment models to simulate both steady-state and dynamic chemical processes.