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SOSS Name: Cal State LA

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm

Commission Date: Under Review

Station Permissions: Display on website

Involved Organizations: ARB, CSU LA, CalTrans, General Physics, Hydrogenics, Quantum

Station Type: Renewable electrolysis

Number 35 Pumps: 1

Number 70 Pumps: 1

Payment Type: N/A

Site Phone: (614) 260-5223

Near Area: Santa Monica

Contact Name: Gerhard Achtelik; John Johns

Contact Organization: ARB; Cal State L.A.

Contact Email: ;

Contact Phone: (916) 323-8973; (323) 343-4494 or 343-6829

Internal Notes: Circle Drive (campus between Hwy 10 and 710) / 5151 State University Dr. 24/7 accessible

Public Funds: $2.7 million

Total Cost: $4.4 million

Supply Capacity: 60

Dispenser: Gilbarco

Nozzle: WEH

PPE Required: No

Additional Information: ARB/CaH2Net funded

Gate: No

PIN Required: No

Attended Fueling: No

Sensitivity: Public

Toyota Fuel Card Accepted: N

Development Status: Commissioning

Station Client: Hyundai (JNR), Stratos Fuel

Station Area: Southern California

Station Status: In Development

5151 State University Dr.
Los Angeles , CA 90032
United States
34° 3' 56.9484" N, 118° 9' 55.458" W
California US

Retail Station: Yes

sid: 0

Station Category: In Commissioning

Soft Opening:

Renewable Content: 100%

H2 Source: Electrolyzer


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