Close Date: Monday, November 1, 2021
Company: California Air Resources Board
Job Description:

Location: Sacramento County

Position JC-269142  -  Transportation Policy and Funding Program Specialist STAFF AIR POLLUTION SPECIALIST

Job Description and Duties
The Sustainable Transportation and Communities Division (STCD) is looking for a creative, analytical, and diplomatic Staff Air Pollution Specialist (SAPS) to join the Climate Investments Benefits Section (CIBS), which is responsible for providing policy and technical guidance to agencies administering transportation, energy, and research funding programs. This SAPS position will require a significant amount of initiative, knowledge, resilience, and leadership ability.

In this role, the SAPS will be responsible for providing STCD with in -depth transportation policy and funding expertise to address the unique challenges associated with advancing a more sustainable and equitable transportation system and climate-resilient communities. Using this expertise, the SAPS will be responsible for leading the agency’s collaborative effort on public joint meetings with the California Transportation Commission (CTC) and the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) to develop and implement policies that jointly affect transportation, housing, and air quality/climate. The SAPS will also coordinate efforts with other California Air Resources Board (CARB) divisions and partners at the CTC and HCD on outreach to equity, climate, and air quality advocates and disadvantaged and low-income communities to develop joint meeting agendas and rosters of speakers. Coordination of the joint meetings requires a high degree of organization and diplomacy to ensure progress towards meeting California’s ambitious climate, equity, transportation, and housing affordability goals. The SAPS will also play a leading role in evaluating existing or emerging State transportation funding programs, such as the CTC’s Solutions for Congested Corridors Program, for opportunities to reduce emissions and vehicle miles traveled in a way that achieves a range of environmental, social, and economic co-benefits, particularly in the State’s disadvantaged and low-income communities.

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