Tuesday, October 20, 2020 - Tuesday, October 20, 2020

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20 FROM 11:00AM- 12:00PM PDT. The CHBC invites you to an October 20 webinar at 11:00 AM PT on meeting the goals of the landmark SB 100 bill, and presenting the findings from a recent Cal-Tech study on long-duration storage. In addition, NREL will discuss long-duration energy storage for very high renewable share power systems and UCI will discuss the results of their storage modeling of the RESOLVE Model used by California agencies, and how hydrogen fits in that planning.


Long duration energy storage is a key component to unlocking a 100% reliable and affordable renewable electricity, while providing further cost reductions to solar and wind generation systems. Hydrogen storage and battery storage working together create the most cost effective, reliable solution. It’s not hydrogen or batteries, but rather a portfolio of renewable solutions that can better advance our climate goals. Long duration storage technologies will play a critical role in balancing energy supply and demand on a seasonal scale, absorbing oversupply of renewable energy during shoulder demand periods for its use in peak demand periods. Reliable systems that plan for more years increasingly depend on long-duration storage. Variable renewable electricity costs are more sensitive to reductions in long-duration storage costs than they are to reductions in battery costs.