Thursday, August 6, 2020 - Friday, August 7, 2020

THURSDAY, AUGUST 6 - FRIDAY, AUGUST 7TH - Renewable gas is increasingly gaining attention as a valuable resource in the decarbonization era. This conference will serve as a forum for the energy sector to explore the applications and opportunities of this resource – specifically evaluating two categories of renewable gas: • Renewable Natural Gas (RNG): pipeline-quality natural gas (biomethane) derived from processing, cleaning and treating raw biogas; primarily from landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and animal manure. It is interchangeable with natural gas and carbon neutral. • Renewable Hydrogen or Green Hydrogen: hydrogen produced without emitting greenhouse gases as a by-product. It can be generated from renewable electricity by electrolysis, from biogas by steam reforming, and biomass through thermal conversion. Attendees will gain in-depth knowledge about these renewable gas resources, with sessions providing comprehensive coverage of their involved technologies & production processes, market outlook & project economics, and related policy & regulatory initiatives. There will be a holistic review of renewable gas project due diligence, considering financial, investment, engineering and legal aspects of project development. Case studies from California and the rest of the country will highlight how the energy industry is researching, deploying, promoting and utilizing renewable gas resources. Expert discussions will also address the potential roles of renewable gas to: utilize existing infrastructure (thus mitigating stranded assets), serve as an energy storage resource (power to gas), and support decarbonization efforts and high penetrations of renewable energy on the grid.