Six Companies Establish R&D Joint Venture for Commercial Vehicle Fuel Cell Systems for the Creation of a Hydrogen-based Society in China
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Yanmar develops hydrogen fuel cell system for maritime applications
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Nikola Orders Enough Electrolysis Equipment From Nel to Produce 40,000 kgs of Hydrogen Per Day
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Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Bets on Renewable Hydrogen for Decarbonization: Q&A with Michael Ducker
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EC seeks views on huge EU clean hydrogen output, use growth plans; Wants a hydrogen market with strong price signals
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MOU for 1,000 Hyzon fuel cell electric buses announced
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100% Renewable Future: Professor Jack Brouwer, Director, National Fuel Cell Research Center (NFCRC) at UC Irvine,
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Hydrogen Primed For Key Role in World’s Greenest Stimulus Plan
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Hydrogen as Fuel? An Italian Pasta Factory Shows How It Could Work
Bernd Heid, a senior partner in the German office of the consulting firm McKinsey & Company, said that hydrogen could play a role in reducing carbon dioxide in industries that account for nearly 60 percent of Europe’s economy. “That is not minimal,” he said.
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Michelin welcomes the government’s support plan for the automotive industry in France
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Rolls-Royce and Daimler Truck AG plan cooperation on stationary fuel-cell systems
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Our historic duty: A more resilient, inclusive and green recovery
And two important emerging elements of clean energy progress – hydrogen electrolysers and lithium-ion batteries – are on the verge of becoming the decade’s breakout technologies. These technologies should play a key role in bolstering Europe’s transport and industry as the continent emerges from the crisis and looks to develop new advanced manufacturing for export.
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Hyosung Chairman Cho Hyun-joon to Build the World’s Biggest Liquid Hydrogen Plant
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Which world do we want after COVID-19?
The coronavirus crisis has caused a lot of suffering and uncertainty, but its aftermath offers us an opportunity to break with old habits and build a circular, sustainable and highly competitive economy, write Frans Timmermans and Bertrand Piccard.
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Deployment of Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Powered Trucks Will Require Fueling Networks, Clear Business Cases
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Leaked Document Lifts Lid on EU’s Green Deal ‘Recovery’ Package; The EU has reshaped its Green Deal into a recovery package, with huge support for renewables, green hydrogen and EVs set to be announced next week.
The EU package contemplates the adoption of a contract for difference (CFD) system for carbon for green hydrogen projects, effectively acting as a hedge against carbon prices. Such a system would see green hydrogen users bid the level at which they can offset a ton of carbon with their project and still make a return. If the carbon price moves above that strike price, they would pay back the difference. If the carbon price fell below that level, the EU would make up the shortfall, just like a renewable CFD system based on power prices.
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Hyundai’s fuel cell technology history
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Portugal announces 7-bln-euro investment plan for hydrogen energy over next decade
According to the minister, "the creation of new business models and the relaunch of the economy opens up new opportunities for economic and industrial development," in addition to creating more jobs in the country.
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Air Liquide adds high capacity hydrogen station with dual filling positions for vehicles in the U.S.
The high capacity station by Air Liquide has the capability of performing simultaneous fills through two fully equipped fueling positions at 700 bar, as well as dispensing up to 1,000 kg/day, to fill around 250 vehicles per day, greatly increasing current market capacities. To successfully optimize space, Air Liquide’s new generation station has a compact design (typically 24.6m2), reducing the overall footprint and allowing for an easier installation.
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Successful year and a half of trial operation of the world's first two hydrogen trains, next project phase begins
After 530 days and more than 180,000 driven kilometres, the successful trial operation of the world's first two hydrogen trains was officially completed at the end of February. Two pre-series trains of Alstom's Coradia iLint model have been in passenger service since September 2018.
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Dutch outline clean hydrogen ‘vision’, aim at global market
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'Hydrogen could meet quarter of world's energy needs – at $11 trillion cost'; BloombergNEF says huge potential of fuel to replace fossil sources can only be met with policy support and vast investment
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Massive 1000MW “baseload” wind, solar and hydrogen plant pitched for NSW
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World’s Greenest Coronavirus Recovery Package Arriving in Europe
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New study describes gas decarbonisation pathways from 2020 to 2050 and identifies the required investments to scale-up hydrogen and biomethane
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