Speech by EU Energy Commissioner Simson at the Global Hydrogen Forum 2020
"First, we need to activate a virtuous circle of increased supply and demand for hydrogen, boosting demand in end uses, like industrial applications and transport, and investing in developing electrolysers with greater capacity. Part of this is bringing down the cost of clean hydrogen to make it competitive. For this, we need more and cheaper renewable energy, and an efficient electricity market."
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Equity Participation in FirstElement Fuel Inc. in the United States; Supporting Japanese Companies’ Overseas Business Expansion
...JBIC's investment in FEF is intended to support the overseas expansion of these Japanese companies as well as to contribute to maintaining and enhancing the international competitiveness of Japanese industry.
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Mitsui invests $25m in FirstElement Fuel
Japan’s Mitsui has invested $25m in California’s biggest hydrogen station developer and operator FirstElement Fuel (FEF).
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Germany Capitalizes On Crisis With Big Bet On Hydrogen
The Germans have woken up to hydrogen's potential due to several factors. First, the availability of large quantities of cheap electricity due to the installment of wind turbines and solar panels improves the business case for green hydrogen. Second, Germany requires green hydrogen to decarbonize its industry. Thirdly, Berlin is aware of the watershed moment and the potential to become a global powerhouse for hydrogen-related technologies. Therefore, policymakers recently unveiled a €9 billion (approximately $10.2 billion) economic stimulus package to kick-start the hydrogen economy.
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Spain’s Repsol plans to invest millions in fuel production using green hydrogen
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McKinsey: How a post-pandemic stimulus can both create jobs and help the climate
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The dawn of green hydrogen; Maintaining the Gulf Cooperation Council's edge in a decarbonized world
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Six EU countries lead push for clean hydrogen support
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Tokuyama and Toyota Start Verification Tests in Japan for Stationary Fuel Cell Generator that Uses By-product Hydrogen
By using components from the Mirai FC system, such as the FC stack, power control unit (PCU), and secondary battery, Toyota seeks to produce a high-performance generator at a reasonable price. Development on the FC generator was carried out jointly by Toyota and Toyota Energy Solutions, Inc.
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Norwegian green steel project, hydrogen strategy launched
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Scotland: £62 million fund for energy sector; Support package to help deliver net zero future.
The fund will also position the North East of Scotland as a Hydrogen model region, contributing early funding to projects including: ACORN CCS & ACORN Hydrogen; Aberdeen Vision; and the Aberdeen Hydrogen Hub.
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Take the zero emission ferry? Plans for Isle of Wight green hydrogen project move forward
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IHS Markit: Bringing people together: The role of hydrogen in a deeply decarbonized future
IHS Markit anticipates that, in regions aiming for net-zero carbon, hydrogen could provide as much energy as natural gas today, 20% to 25%. In other regions with lower targets, hydrogen could still account for 10% of the final energy balance.
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Exclusive: RWE, Thyssenkrupp Plan Hydrogen Production Venture
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Nikola in talks with automakers for Badger pickup truck production: founder
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German hydrogen strategy aims for global leadership in energy transition
nvironment minister Svenja Schulze said hydrogen is the "energy of the future" that will give a "double boost" to the climate and jobs. "Above all, we will sell the technology – we're really good at that in Germany," Schulze told public broadcaster ARD.
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German cabinet approves hydrogen strategy, sets 14 TWh target by 2030
On June 3, the cabinet approved a Eur7 billion ($7.8 billion) package to reach 5 GW of electrolysis capacity by 2030.
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Hyundai Hydrogen Chief on Why the Company Bet on Fuel Cells
"People are saying that trucks should come first, then passenger cars, not because technology is more developed for that segment, but because trucks have no other solution. But in order to develop fuel cell systems for trucks, it has to be done first with passenger vehicles because you can mass produce. Truck volumes can’t come close to volumes of passenger cars. We can come up with various scenarios to reduce costs by mass producing cars that would be hard to do with just trucks. That’s why we plan to develop for both cars and trucks at the same time. A lot of technologies used for cars can be applied to trucks."
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The Nikola Badger, a New Fuel-Cell Pickup, Starts Preorders June 29
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Canada confirms it is developing national hydrogen strategy
Countries that have released a national hydrogen strategy include the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.
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Hydrogen Europe CEOs ready to support Clean Hydrogen Alliance
We are ready to invest massively into the use of hydrogen! With a technological maturity that enables immediate commercial deployments in many fields, we are at a turning point and we are ready to deliver on massive emission reductions, contributing already to 2030 EU climate and energy targets. Our industry is ready for an ambitious scale up as shown in our 2x40 GW Green Hydrogen Initiative paper, where the 2x40 GW electrolyser capacity to enable the large-scale production of renewable hydrogen by 2030 is explained in detail. .
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NREL Research into Fueling Big Rigs Could Help More Hydrogen Vehicles Hit the Road
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Linde plans to massively expand its hydrogen business
The new Linde plc emerged from the merger of the German Linde with the US competitor Praxair . After the integration, Angel wants to massively expand the business around green hydrogen. "We already have more than $ 2 billion in revenue from producing, distributing, storing, and using hydrogen," he said. Given the expected investment plans of more than $ 100 billion worldwide, the hydrogen business could "quadruple" in the future.
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Daimler Truck AG establishes new company Daimler Truck Fuel Cell GmbH & Co. KG – bringing together all of the Group’s fuel cell activities
“The fuel cell is a crucial CO2-neutral solution for trucks in heavy long-distance transport. We and our future joint venture partner, Volvo Group, are convinced of this."
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Hexagon Purus awarded contract by Toyota for hydrogen powered electric heavy-duty trucks – continuing the drive toward zero-emission commercial transport
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