Mar 1 2021

MONDAY, MARCH 1, 2021. While electricity will assume a dominant role in conveyance of clean energy to end users, sectors such as heavy-duty trucking and transport, marine, aviation, and heavy industry are more difficult to decarbonize, and will benefit from the higher energy density and storage afforded by hydrogen as a vector.

Feb 24 2021

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 24 FROM 9:00AM - 10:30 PST. Hydrogen is rapidly emerging as a key fuel and ingredient to lower greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change in critical sectors of the global economy. But for hydrogen to make a significant contribution to the clean energy transition, we need policy options that overcome technical and commercial challenges, and allow hydrogen to be more broadly adopted for use in industrial processes, transportation and power generation.

Feb 17 2021

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 17 FROM 10:00AM - 11:00AM PT. The Green Hydrogen Coalition will share why now is the time for green hydrogen market development in the US and what policies are needed to support green hydrogen project development at scale. We will feature presentations on exciting US project initiatives and have an engaging discussion with green hydrogen champions on how they are crafting their green hydrogen strategies.

Feb 17 2021

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 17 FROM 9:00AM- 10:00PM PST. A live interactive discussion about California's newly published Zero Emission Vehicle Market Development Strategy with the GO-Biz ZEV team. The California Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Market Development Strategy has been published!

Feb 17 2021

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 17 AT 7:00AM PT. Hydrogen companies have skyrocketed at the stock market in the last 12-18 months. Some experts say it’s because the hydrogen market will take off soon and those companies will make billions. Other experts say it’s just the next bubble.

Feb 16 2021

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16 AT 10:00AM PT. Learn how to apply for Proposition 1B funding available for Port Drayage and other Goods Movement Heavy-Duty trucks.

Webinar topics covered will include:

Feb 10 2021

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10 AT 1:00AM PST. This is already the third webinar in the martime series in corporation with ZESTAs! The topics that await you in this webinar: An introduction of how to scale up hydrogen vessels: from River barges to ocean RoRo. A shipowner's perspective on starting at zero by Prasanna Colluru of Future Proof Shipping and why they have focused on green hydrogen including information about green hydrogen supply onboard hydrogen technology.

Feb 9 2021

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, FROM 6:00AM- 12:00PM. Join CaFCP's Executive Director; Bill Elrick at the 2021 Mobility Pioneer Virtual Conference. Mobility Pioneer organizers are bringing together local and international governments, automotive companies, investors, and startups through panel discussions, live demos, presentations, and 1-1 meetings.

Feb 2 2021

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2 FROM 1:00PM - 2:30PM PST. Foothill Transit will review their zero-emissions fleet initiative and history, including their latest launch of the nation’s first grid-powered, battery-electric double-deck bus to operate in public service. Representatives from Foothill Transit will discuss the challenges, benefits and lessons learned from being an early adopter of zero-emissions technology.

Jan 28 2021

THURSDAY, JANUARY 28 FROM 2:00PM - 3:00PM EST. Recent years have seen a reawakened interest in hydrogen fuel cell and water electrolyzer technology, with an important economical driver being the continuously lowered costs for intermittent renewal electricity generation from wind and solar. Modeling and simulation are important tools in the design and development of these electrochemical systems.