Feb 20 2014

The California Fuel Cell Partnership will be attending the 60th Annual Western Petroleum Marketers Association Conference, February 19-21, 2014. CaFCP is looking forward to attending its first annual Western Petroleum Marketers Association Conference.

Feb 20 2014

We will be attending the 8th Annual Firehouse World Conference, February 18-20, 2014 in San Diego, CA. The 4-day conference provides firefighters with cutting-edge educational programs that highlight new ideas, solutions and mission-critical information.

Feb 19 2014

The Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo webinar series is designed to educate fleet managers on the necessary steps to successfully deploy alternative fuel vehicles.
Join us on February 19 to learn about the "Basics of Althernative Fuel Station Design" for hydrogen and electric.
Bill Elrick from the CaFCP will be presenting on the hydrogen side. 

Feb 13 2014

CaFCP staff will be presenting during day 3 of the SAESociety of Automotive Engineers Hybrid and Electric Technologies Symposium, February 11-13, 2014, La Jolla, CA. Details to come...

Oct 14 2013

Meeting Minutes (0)

Agenda Item

1. Status of California funding and implementation of FCEV commercialization

Summary of key provisions in reauthorization bill 
Highlights from other regions implementing H2 FCEVs 
Progress implementing ZEV Action Plan  

Handout: AB8 Fact Sheet (681)

2. Status report on H2 stations

Current station operations  
Station development timeline 

California Hydrogen Station Development: Status, Challenges and Lessons Learned (0)

3. Status report on FCEV commercial launch