Not available for fueling passenger vehicles.


SOSS Name: Thousand Palms - SunLine Transit (bus)

Opening Hours:

Station not accessible for passenger vehicles - bus fueling only.

Commission Date: 2006-04-01

Station Permissions: Display on website

Involved Organizations: Hydrogenics, Hyradix, SunLine Transit Agency

Station Type: Autothermal Reformation

Number 35 Pumps: 1

Number 70 Pumps: 0

Payment Type: N/A

Site Phone: (760) 343-3456

Priority Area: No

Near Area: Connector

Contact Name: Polo del Toro

Contact Organization: Sunline

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: (760) 343-3456 ext. 335

Internal Notes: Hyradix reformer can generate 205 kg/day

Public Funds: $$?

Total Cost: $$?

Supply Capacity: 160

Dispenser: FTI

Nozzle: Sherex CW 5000

PPE Required: No

OP Access: Attendant key

Station Use: Medium

Additional Information: Advance notice for fueling! You will find the station on the left, just past the entrance of the SunLine bus yard. Total hydrogen stored (combined at 25 & 35 MPa): 240kg of which 160kg is usable.

Gate: No

PIN Required: Yes

Attended Fueling: Yes

Fueling Agreement: None required for OEM vehicles. Other vehicles have to show and proof of engineering vehicles.

Sensitivity: Public

Toyota Fuel Card Accepted: N

Development Status: Commissioning Complete

Station Client: Stratos Fuel

Station Area: Southern California

Station Status: Open

32505 Harry Oliver Trail
Thousand Palms , CA 92276
United States
33° 48' 47.7" N, 116° 23' 39.912" W
California US

sid: 0

Retail Station: No

Station Developer: Hydradix

Renewable Content: 33%

H2 Source: NG SMR


Not available for fueling passenger vehicles.