Close Date: 07/14/2017
Company: United Hydrogen

Responsible for operation of hydrogen gas processing facility to ensure optimum plant performance, including monitoring operations of hydrogen gas processing plant, product treating, making necessary adjustments, performing inspections and conducting preventive maintenance and supporting engineering and market development teams in the US and Germany.


  • Commissioning and start-up of container sized hydrogen storage and release units
  • Responsible for plant log entries of gauges, dials, pressures, temperatures, gas throughput, fuel consumption and other shift activities
  • Design and analysis of test programs to characterize and validate the performance of these units
  • Start/stop operating equipment such as compressors, process skids, etc.
  • Operation and maintenance of these units at different sites in TN, AL and neighboring states
  • Complete all necessary monthly/daily/shift reports and computer work including environmental, safety, plant logs, near misses, down time and overall operation reports
  • Perform inspections and preventative maintenance on various types of plant equipment, such as compressors, pumps, and other plant equipment; communicates findings to supervision or technicians.
  • Observe all safety regulations, operating, and maintenance procedures and Company policies
  • Ensure the safe and efficient operation of plant, equipment, and systems
  • Perform general housekeeping on operating and idle equipment
  • Support of the company’s engineering and technology team based in the US and Germany regarding equipment design, purchasing and installation
  • Support of the market development team in acquiring new customers in the US for this leading-edge technology in hydrogen storage and transport

Interested candidates can apply to: Ms. Lena Hayes ( )