Aug 4

TUESDAY, AUGUST 4 FROM 1:30PM - 4:30PM PT. There will be one Pre-Application Workshop; participation in this meeting is optional but encouraged. The Pre-Application Workshop will be held remotely through Zoom, which is the CEC's online meeting service, at the date and time listed below.

Aug 7

THURSDAY, AUGUST 6 - FRIDAY, AUGUST 7TH - Renewable gas is increasingly gaining attention as a valuable resource in the decarbonization era. This conference will serve as a forum for the energy sector to explore the applications and opportunities of this resource – specifically evaluating two categories of renewable gas: • Renewable Natural Gas (RNG): pipeline-quality natural gas (biomethane) derived from processing, cleaning and treating raw biogas; primarily from landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and animal manure.

Aug 11

TUESDAY, AUGUST 11 FROM 1:30PM - 3:30PM PT. There will be one Pre-Application Workshop. Participation in this workshop is optional but encouraged. The Pre-Application Workshop will be held remotely through Zoom, which is the CEC’s online meeting service, at the date, time and location listed below.

Sep 9

Sept. 8-9th. Gasworld will be organizing a day and half of networking and exhibition time, including a content programme featuring a wide-ranging agenda, that will showcase presentations from key industry executives and thought leaders that will will come to discuss perspectives and market opportunities for the hydrogen and fuel cells market.

Sep 10

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10TH FROM 10:00AM- 12:00PM MT. Low-cost renewable energy may open an opportunity to sustainably produce chemicals and fuels. Hydrogen production, biomethanation and carbon dioxide electrolysis stand to revolutionize the carbon dependence of these industries. Uncover how the cleantech ecosystem may work to overcome the economic barriers and technical challenges in this sector.

Sep 10

SAVE THE DATE - SEPTEMBER 10 - Ballard invites you to discover the future of marine propulsion! Across the world, organizations and governments are taking action to tighten GHG emission standards for marine vessels. Now is the time to look at solutions, and to move forward with a plan to switch to zero-emission technologies.

Sep 10

Sept 9-10 | Two of the most successful hydrogen and fuel cell events, f-cell and HFC join together in Vancouver, Canada – the “cradle of fuel cells”. Renowned international specialists discuss solutions for clean energy with hydrogen and fuel cells as game changers during the 2-day conference and international trade fair. The intriguing and dynamic program brings the World’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Community together to create further projects and connections benefiting the industry for the years to come.

Sep 17

SEPTEMBER 15-17 VIRTUAL. Presented by the Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS) and co-located with North American Smart Energy Week (NASEW), the Center for Hydrogen Safety US Conference 2020 will bring together international academic, industry, and government representatives to highlight the safe use of hydrogen in current and forward looking mobility, storage, commercial and industrial research, processes, and applications.

Sep 18

Do you operate electric buses? Are you a supporting partner for zero-emission buses in your region? Apply to be a speaker or presenter for the 2020 ZEB Conference! The 2020 International Zero Emission Bus Conference is the premier event for industry experts to share case studies, new research, and future plans in keynotes, panels and poster sessions.

Sep 22

9am–5pm | This event will explore German and California perspectives on mastering the transition to clean transportation. Hear from industry, research and state representatives on how hydrogen, fuel cells, battery electrics and RNG together can contribute to cleaner transportation!