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The California Fuel Cell Partnership is a collaborative of organizations that are dedicated to advancing the market for hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric passenger cars, transit buses, trucks and other forms of transportation. CaFCP members identify and resolve challenges to market introduction and acceleration through regular communication, working jointly on tasks and projects, and sharing lessons learned.

All members have skin in the game with FCEVs or hydrogen stations, and all members actively participate in one or more teams to share non-proprietary information that helps move the market forward. Additionally, all members financially contribute to CaFCP annually.

    The 2022 CaFCP program plan is focused on:

    1. Decreasing the time and cost to build the current and future hydrogen station network
    2. Identifying challenges and solutions to completing the first 200 stations in California and deploying 1000 stations by 2030
    3. Developing and implementing the next steps in market commercialization in and beyond California
    4. Defining a path forward for CaFCP’s hydrogen station database software, the Station Operational Status System
    5. Sharing lessons learned and experience, nationally and internationally
    6. Leading outreach and education to the general public, AHJs, government, and NGOs
    7. Increasing the deployment of fuel cell buses in California’s transit agencies
    8. Advancing commercialization of fuel cell trucks
    9. Facilitating frank, open, and honest dialogue among CaFCP member organizations

    Levels of Membership


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    CaFCP is recognized worldwide for our leadership with transportation fuel cells and hydrogen. Members have unparalleled access to the people in government and industry who are creating policies, building products and shaping the future.

    Executive and Full Members are integrally involved with the technical, financial, and regulatory decisions that affect market deployment of FCEVs in California, across the U.S., and around the world. Associate Members work together to speed station deployment, improve the customer experience, and identify and solve technical issues to accelerate market deployment.

      Join CaFCP

      If you are interested in joining CaFCP, please send a letter of interest to with the following information:

      • Your organization’s name and a brief description
      • Your organization’s activities or plans with hydrogen, fuel cells, or related programs
      • The reason your organization wants to join CaFCP
      • The value your organization will bring to the collaborative process
      • The value your organization seeks from the collaborative process
      • The membership level your organization seeks (Champion: Board of Directors, Champion: Steering Team, Associate)

      Send Letter

      Frontier Energy provides management and staffing for the California Fuel Cell Partnership