Thursday, December 12, 2019 - Thursday, December 12, 2019

Achieving California’s long-term air quality, climate, and public health goals will require a transition from the conventional combustion technologies to zero emission everywhere feasible and near-zero emission powered by clean, low-carbon renewable fuels everywhere else. CARB is in the process of developing proposals for new approaches and strategies to achieve this transition. The goal of this proposed strategy is to achieve NOx and GHG emission reductions through advanced clean technology, and to increase the penetration of the first wave of zero-emission heavy-duty technology into applications that are well suited to its use.
Fleets that operate in urban centers, have stop and go driving cycles, and are centrally maintained and fueled are well suited for introducing zero-emission technology. Promoting the development and use of advanced clean trucks will help CARB achieve its emission reduction strategies as outlined in the State Implementation Plan (SIP), Sustainable Freight Action Plan, Senate Bill (SB) 350, and Assembly Bill (AB) 32.