Tuesday, November 30, 2021 - Wednesday, December 1, 2021

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30 - WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2021 Join CaFCP staff and its members at the 2021 Reuters: Hydrogen North America Summit. Hydrogen has gathered incredible momentum in North America, after being recognized as a huge opportunity to achieve a lower carbon energy mix, and ultimately net-zero goals. The market is gearing up for 3.4 million jobs and revenues of $750 billion per year by 2050. With a Production Tax Credit for green hydrogen and large-scale demonstration projects, significant growth in supply and demand, federal incentives and private investment appetite, there is no doubt that the hydrogen market is set to scale up.

But the game changers will be those who can capitalize on today’s opportunities. The time to monetize production in various end-use applications is now. To support this important transition, Hydrogen North America (30 November – 1 December) will connect the dots between all production, distribution, and application businesses, alongside policy makers and financiers. Now more than ever, we need to think big. That means large-scale projects, off-taker agreements and global trade to advance the hydrogen economy in North America. 

Five key themes for Reuters Events: Hydrogen North America 2021:

  • Policy support for hydrogen - Learn the steps towards a reliable and consistent national incentive scheme for both supply and demand
  • Private finance sector support – Understand the roadmap towards cost reduction for decarbonized hydrogen, how to de-risk deployment and ensure commercial viability of projects
  • Addressing challenges in production – Explore the steps involved in effective cost reduction, improving durability and distribution, both locally and internationally
  • The fundamental role of storage – Discuss how to tackle the risk of storing CO2 for long periods of time and finding economic use to storage
  • End-use and tackling the demand issue – Find out about commercial viability of transportation and maritime application, as well as steps involved in decarbonizing aviation