Close Date: Thursday, November 11, 2021
Company: SunLine Transit Agency
Job Description:

Location: Thousand Palms, CA

Job Title: Alternative Fuels Technician

Job Description: Under general supervision, operates, maintains, repairs and services CNG compression/hydrogen generation facilities, fueling stations and equipment; inspects operations and performance of fuel compression and dispensing equipment; oversees sales of fuel to the public, and performs related duties as assigned. The incumbent’s assignments are clearly defined and can be satisfied by following established protocols and methods carried out within the framework of well-defined instructions from supervisors. As experience and certifications are gained, assignments are expected to increase in complexity and difficulty, and the incumbent is expected to  independently perform the full range of inspections, diagnostic and maintenance duties on all dispensers, compressors, fueling systems and machinery. 


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Inspects, maintains, repairs and calibrates Agency CNG/hydrogen generation, compression and dispensing equipment; performs daily inspections of operations and performance of fuel compres­sion and dispensing facilities and equipment; performs routine equipment and facility maintenance and repair. Oversees operation of fueling stations
  • Monitors parts inventories and initiates reorders to ensure availability and supply of components necessary to complete routine maintenance requirements and activities.
  • Participates in the planning and development of station upgrades; provides data for grant reporting; participates in maintaining fuel site records and files on systems maintenance, repair and procedures for compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Gathers, analyzed and interprets relevant systems and operations data; prepare status reports to ensure system conformance with Agency expectations and systems design and production standards. Present reports and metrics as needed to the Agency and its stakeholders. Participate in and attend Agency and/or department meetings as required.
  • Applies knowledge of the  methods, practices, tools and equipment applicable to electrical and welding trades, including fabrication of parts and components, to develop creative and effective solutions to problems and issues where a non-standard resolution is required. 
  • Applies knowledge of  Federal, state and local codes and regulations applicable to alternative fuel operations and fueling station operation and maintenance, including regulatory requirements specific to CNG, gaseous and liquid fuel storage/dispensing when determining and establishing preventative maintenance schedules and procedures, troubleshooting and diagnosing issues, and determining the proper course of action to resolve known or suspected issues.
  • Reads, understands and follows piping and flow schematics, blueprints and drawings in performing assigned areas of responsibility.
  • Follows safe work practices and ensure safety precautions are followed by others in working around CNG/hydrogen and high-voltage equipment and systems.
  • Performs other functions, tasks and duties as requested by management.