Kenworth Expert Talks Zero Emission Trucks [Interview]

In this interview, we talk with Brian Lindgren, Director Research & Development at Kenworth. Brian shares his views on the biggest challenges around zero-emission heavy duty transport, as well as Kenworth’s experience with zero emission trucks.

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Unprecedented momentum for green hydrogen

‘Hydrogen: a renewable energy perspective’ estimates that hydrogen from renewable power, so called green hydrogen, could translate into 8 per cent of global energy consumption by 2050. 16 per cent of all generated electricity would be used to produce hydrogen by then. Green hydrogen could particularly offer ways to decarbonise a range of sectors where it is proving difficult to meaningfully reduce CO2 emissions.

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Hyundai unveils upgraded hydrogen bus for Korean police
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Fuel cell train to be tested in the Netherlands
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Norway's Statkraft: Green hydrogen will win on price

Electrolysers, and thus green hydrogen, will fall in price and become cheaper than hydrogen from gas. And the cost drop on renewable hydrogen can come quickly, according to Statkraft's new low-emission scenario .

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The numbers showing half Australia’s cars could run on hydrogen by 2040

KPMG used numbers compiled by the CSIRO (which recently published a National Hydrogen Roadmap) to estimate how much it would cost to convert a “medium-sized metropolis” to run on hydrogen, using Perth as an example.

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UK launches decarbonization competitions as part of net zero efforts

The competitions aim to help support projects to decarbonize industry, such as carbon capture and hydrogen power, and boost plans to establish the world’s first net zero industrial cluster, or group of similar and related firms in a specific geographic area, by 2040.

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Cummins showcases hydrogen fuel cell truck during 2019 North American Commercial Vehicle Show

The truck was designed and integrated by Cummins in Columbus, Indiana and includes a proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell from Hydrogenics, a recent addition to Cummins. The truck was designed for a 90-kW fuel cell and is scalable in 30 kW or 45 kW increments up to 180 kW, andalso has a 100-kWh lithium-ion battery capacity. The truck has a range of 150 to 250 miles between filling up, however, that range can be extended with additional hydrogen tanks, by increasing the tank storage pressure or installing additional fuel cells to optimize management of the vehicle load factor. Many of the critical components of the powertrain, including the PEM fuel cell, system controller, powertrain controls, wire harnesses and junction boxes, among others, were designed and developed by Cummins.


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Exclusive: Oakland hydrogen station retailing at $12 per kg

The Oakland hydrogen station has three times the capacity of previously built open retail True Zero stations and has two fuelling positions with three nozzles – two at H70 and one at H35.

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Ballard Receives PO From Anglo American for 900kW of Fuel Cell Modules to Support Mining Truck Demonstration Project
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Singapore based SP Group has established the first zero-emission building in Southeast Asia that is fully powered by green hydrogen.
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Liquid hydrogen plant planned for North Las Vegas industrial park
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Hyundai Unveils Fuel Cell Truck, Explores U.S. Commercial Vehicle Market
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Daimler Trucks & Buses targets completely CO2-neutral fleet of new vehicles by 2039 in key regions

By the end of the next decade, Daimler Trucks & Buses will extend itsrange of vehicles with hydrogen-powered series production vehicles.

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Arizona-based company to build hydrogen-powered semis and off-road vehicles
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Excerpt: There is an app maintained by the California Fuel Cell Partnership that does a terrific job of telling you not only where your nearest refueling spot is but whether or not it actually has fuel.

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Seoul government eyes having 4,000 fuel-cell cars on its roads by 2022
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San Diego MTS Launches $12.5 Million Electric Bus Pilot Program

MTS has six of the electric buses, with another two on the way. It also plans to order two fuel cell-powered buses.

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After 40-Year Losing Streak, Fuel-Cell Maker Shares Are Soaring

* Canada’s Ballard yet to post profit but investors are buying
* Hydrogen’s appeal broadens as costs plummet, emissions tighten

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