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Powering a climate-neutral economy: Commission sets out plans for the energy system of the future and clean hydrogen
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Air Products, ACWA Power and NEOM Sign Agreement for $5 Billion Production Facility in NEOM Powered by Renewable Energy for Production and Export of Green Hydrogen to Global Markets
The World’s Largest Green Hydrogen Project Will Supply 650 Tons Per Day of Carbon-Free Hydrogen for Transportation Globally and Save the World Three Million Tons Per Year of CO2
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World’s First Fuel Cell Heavy-Duty Truck, Hyundai XCIENT Fuel Cell, Heads to Europe for Commercial Use
- Hyundai Motor is shipping the first 10 units of XCIENT Fuel Cell, the world’s first fuel cell heavy-duty truck, to Switzerland - Hyundai will roll out 50 trucks this year and total of 1,600 units by 2025 - Powered by 190-kW hydrogen fuel cell system, XCIENT Fuel Cell can travel approximately 400 km on a single charge - Developed independently by Hyundai Motor, XCIENT Fuel Cell will help decarbonize the world - Hyundai to develop tractor unit with driving range of 1,000 kilometers on a single charge
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Get the H outta here: Life with a hydrogen powered car
“I love it, and I feel like I’m part of the solution” to climate change, said Mark Mobley of Garden Grove, Calif. “I went from a 2005 Corolla to the Mirai. I skipped the whole hybrid step and went from a car with roll-up windows to all this new technology. People stop me in the grocery store parking lot to talk about it.”
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Ensuring Canada’s economic recovery is an environmental recovery
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German EU Presidency: Berlin to lead on EU economic policy
The German minister devoted a large part of his speech to the topic of climate and energy and in particular to “green hydrogen”. Altmaier explained that the aim was not only to preserve the German and European industrial sector but also to make it more resilient. To achieve this, Germany would be relying on hydrogen.
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Air Liquide Will Build the First High-pressure Hydrogen Refueling Station for Long-haul Trucks in Europe
Air Liquide announces the installation of the first high-pressure hydrogen refueling station in Europe, with capacity to serve the first fleet of long-haul hydrogen trucks. This investment reflects the Group's strategy to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen energy through large-scale projects, particularly in the heavy vehicle segment.
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European hydrogen D-Day on 8 July, according to Kadri Simson, European Commissioner for Energy
The European Hydrogen D-Day will be on 8 July, when the Commission officially launches its two ‘Strategies’ on the topic: one relating to the integration of energy systems and another specifically dedicated to H2. To achieve these goals, the Commission’s work will focus on 4 areas main, starting from “ the need to create a virtuous cycle of increasing hydrogen supply and demand“. Target that will be pursued through “a system approach to the production of this energy carrier” and also with the launch of the Clean Hydrogen Alliance, “which will bring together all the players in the hydrogen value chain: investors, institutions and industry”. The second item of intervention will concern “la need for a regulatory framework able to outline an open and competitive market, characterized by international trade and infrastructures capable of transporting hydrogen where necessary “.
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Apex inaugurates a zero-carbon hydrogen production plant, equipped with McPhy electrolyzers
Apex Energy completed the construction of its hydrogen production facility in Rostock-Laage, on June 12. This plant will supply the headquarter of the Group and a commercial area with electricity and heating, thanks to a fuel cell.
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Hyundai Motor Group Releases New Videos to Introduce Value of Hydrogen Energy
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Green Deal: key to a climate-neutral and sustainable EU
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EC plans euro-based hydrogen benchmark by 2021: draft EU strategy
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Hydrogen "game changer" for Norway; Could be the new oil, the opposition believes.
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California takes bold step to reduce truck pollution; First-of-its-kind requirement for electric trucks will help communities hardest hit by air pollution
Today, the California Air Resources Board adopted a first-in-the-world rule requiring truck manufacturers to transition from diesel trucks and vans to electric zero-emission trucks beginning in 2024. By 2045, every new truck sold in California will be zero-emission.
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SunLine Transit Agency: Driving a hydrogen-fuelled future
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Plug Power Stock Will Soar on Increasing Use of Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Since 2014, the retailer had deployed a new Plug Power solution at its distribution centers at a pace of one every six weeks.
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Jaguar Land Rover is developing a hydrogen fuel cell SUV; British firm is evaluating and looking into the development of a new hydrogen fuel cell SUV
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HTEC and 7-Eleven Canada Open Hydrogen Fueling Station in North Vancouver
7-Eleven Canada and HTEC are partnering on three hydrogen fueling stations to support the rollout of zero-emission hydrogen electric vehicles in British Columbia
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DOE Announces New Lab Consortia to Advance Hydrogen and Fuel Cell R&D
Today, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced the intention to invest up to $100 million over five years in two new DOE National Laboratory-led consortia to advance hydrogen and fuel cell technologies research and development (R&D). This funding is subject to appropriations. One consortium will conduct R&D to achieve large-scale, affordable electrolyzers, which use electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, and can be powered by various energy sources, including natural gas, nuclear, and renewables. This R&D will complement and help support large industry deployment by enabling more durable, efficient, and low-cost electrolyzers.The other consortium will conduct R&D to accelerate development of fuel cells for heavy-duty vehicle applications, including long-haul trucks. This initiative will set a five-year goal to prove the ability to have a fully competitive heavy-duty fuel cell truck that can meet all of the durability, cost, and performance requirements of the trucking industry.
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It’s time for large deployment of H2 buses in Europe». Interview with Bart Biebuyck (FCH JU)
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Fuel Cell Maker Wants to Supply Gas for Hydrogen Economy
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China Takes New Step to Power Up Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles
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Enel to launch hydrogen business as part of green drive
Europe’s biggest utility Enel is set to launch a green hydrogen business next year to speed up its plans to become a carbon-free power producer by 2050.
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EU plans green hydrogen push, with hints of blue - draft
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