Zero Emission Bus Rollouts: 4 Factors to Ensure Success As You Scale

By Tim Sasseen, Ballard Power Systems

Are you a transit fleet operator planning to convert to zero-emission buses in the coming years? Then this is the article for you.

You’ll learn why preparing a thorough transition plan early in the process is so essential to scaling your zero-emission fleet successfully—and why without such a plan, you’re likely to encounter roadblocks that are, largely, preventable. We’ll also share some key findings of other fleet operators as they developed their own plans to transition from diesel power to zero-emission buses (ZEBs).

Mission Hills Hydrogen Station Opens

The Mission Hills hydrogen station is open for business! The Mission Hills True Zero station, located in the San Fernando Valley, was developed by FirstElement Fuel. It will be open 24 hours a day and is located at 15544 San Fernando Mission Boulevard, Mission Hills, CA 91345. The price of hydrogen is $13.14 per kilogram.

SOSS Station Refresh

Fuel cell electric car drivers:

We’ve added a new status symbol to the Station Operational Status System (SOSS) to help you better manage your time when you are fueling your Honda Clarity, Hyundai NEXO or Toyota Mirai.

SOSS Station Refresh iconWe’ve added an hourglass symbol to let you know when the station is in the refresh process. Previously, when a station was in this refresh process, it appeared on SOSS that the station was in limited mode (yellow triangle symbol) or offline (red square symbol). These moments created frustrations for drivers.